The Rabbi of ½ Million Readers

In terms of literary quality, Rabbi Bonder´s works cannot be considered to be what we commonly designate as "self-help" literature. By way of making ancient wisdom relevant to our times he manages to show that classical texts were the first written in the "self-help" genre - Veja Magazine (the most important News Magazine in Brazil)


R. Bonder creates a lively dialogue between the issues of our world and our times and ancient rabbinic wisdom. His blending of psychological and philosophical insights creates a mystical atmosphere easy to absorb even by the secular public. - O Globo (largest newspaper in Rio de Janeiro)


The phenomenon of having a best selling rabbi is readily understood if you read Rabbi Bonder´s books: he is profound and creative on subjects that are relevant to all. Folha de São Paulo (main newspaper in São Paulo)


While reading through the extraordinary text of Rabbi Bonder, I was looking, as is the habit among writers, for a word that could sum up my feelings for his writing. I finally found one: enchanting. Enjoy this spiritual and intellectual banquet, rare in these days of frugality. - Moacyr Scliar - Jornal do Brasil


The Kabbalah of Money is my bedside book - Marcilio Marques Moreira (Brazil's Minister of Finances, at the time the book came out) - O Globo


We are dealing with a text that is in itself a true "healing of the soul". Rabbi Bonder takes us beyond religion -- to the originary and existential experience that precedes even religion. A luminous book! - Leonardo Boff - Founder of "Liberation Theology"


Of everything that I have seen written about "food" recently - from recipies to geographies of hunger - Rabbi Bonder's book is among the most creative. His book will fascinate even those not familiar with Jewish culture. Danuzia Barbara, the most famous Brazilian writer and journalist on issues of "food and gourmet" - Jornal do Brasil